Security Services

Security Guards

Security Guards Division is the core unit employing about 12,000 highly skilled and trained uniform guards all over Egypt. It is common to meet our friendly and ready-to-act light-blue uniformed guards in many commercial, administrative, financial, touristic, education, and individual premises. Care serves the security division since its first guard appearance at US Embassy and Sheraton Hotels in 1979. Security Guards fully-equipped Training Centre delivers latest programmes to guards and customers, to ensure: safety, security, smooth operations and incident-free locations. We aim to differentiate Care service by providing innovative and efficient industry solutions. We keep a close eye on productivity to stay competitive.

Securing Event

To ensure the best and most comprehensive coverage, Care Services partners with the event staff to identify potential threats and develop effective strategies to meet them. Care Services fully screened and highly trained personnel who are completely experienced in the field of special events security.
Our Special Events Services provide comprehensive security programs for grand openings, film and theater premieres, celebrity appearances, autograph signings, art gallery openings, fund raising dinners and all types of events. Care Services is capable of providing you with professionally and expertly managed special event security services in a proactive manner that addresses // End Description

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