• client :

    Cater mate


    Branding & positioning

Who they are..

CaterMate is a full-service catering service founded by two Lebanese mothers who share an exceptional passion for cooking. CaterMate provides daily and weekly meals as well as catering. They offer clean, home cooked, delicious food that is authentically of Lebanese and Egyptian origin.



The challenge…

Founded by two women, the primary target was initially other mothers who could related to the dilemma associated with losing the authenticity of a home cooked meal when ordering in ready-made meals.
CaterMate wanted to reach into the hearts of their target audience and reassure them that there is a way to take a night off from cooking while still feeding your family, loved ones, and guests food you are proud of having in your home or providing wherever you choose to host. They wanted prospective customers to know there is an option out there that can satisfy without having to slave away in the kitchen yourself because we all get busy! CaterMate was seeking a logo, motto and identity that reflected this.

The solution…

When CaterMate first approached us, they had thought of naming their company “Home Run.” We presented them with the name CaterMate which we felt better presented them as the partner everybody dreams of having in their kitchen.


Regarding the colors, Red is used as a prime color for food chains and studies have concluded that it stimulated one appetite, so it was fitting to have some red within the logo. Additionally, Red is assocated with passion and love, so for a brand that is loved by peoples tummy’s – it was a must! Yellow and orange were also used to not clash with the red in the logo, but still offer a unique image.


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Delivery Scooter Box

Letterhead Design

The result …

CaterMate has built customer recognition and loyalty – they have become a profitable, reliable food delivery service known to offer’s mom’s cooking when she’s not free to cook it herself.

“No matter how you slice and dice it, food and love are inextricably tied”, I challenge you to disagree.