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Who they are..

An innovative IT recruiting organization, born in Toronto and raised all over, they find themselves privileged because their mother company has already been in the business for over 20 years. They have her wit and charm, but they’re their own thing. They focus on creating customized staffing solutions for clients to ensure clients are getting the talent they need, when they need it to progress their business, meanwhile prioritizing the professional progression of their contractors.


-HR Brain

The challenge…

HRbrain is a Canadian based company operating worldwide, so we needed to ensure that we branded accordingly.

To do so, we heavily researched competing businesses in order to thoroughly understand the images that stand out within their industry and locations. HRbrain wanted a simple, professional yet clever logo that spoke to their business.


The main concept behind the logo played on the universal imagery of when one has a great idea, a lightbulb goes on. HRbrain provides a pool of talented individuals to their clients, so the joining of minds within the lightbulb seemed very fitting.

light Bulb


Ideas, skills, creativity.


Talents, brains,experiences.

The brightest ideas spark when great minds meet together.



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Business Card

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Company Profile

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HRBrain’s rebranding directly resulted in an influx in business and awareness within the market. They were able to proudly direct applicants and clients to their website, and present themselves professionally. We have even gained more business through this project as Hrbrain received compliments and referred additional clients our way as a result!

More candidates.. More employers.. Countless experiences.