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Lino oats are premium Australian oats packed in Egypt. Lino is a good source of energy, high in fiber, low in fat, and helps in lowering cholesterol levels.


Al Khomasiah came to us at the time they were building the largest community in the KSA. They did not have any target in mind, but all what they knew was that the project was for Saudi people from different age groups with a medium to high purchase power; and, to make the brand identity different than any other project undertaken by the Ministry of Housing in Saudi Arabia.

Working on the biggest housing project in the history of the kingdom is a major hit. This project was a challenging one according to the set of things that the client prioritized. They wanted a powerful and unique Arabic name for the project for Saudi people to relate to, and preferably extracted from the Holy Quran. But at the same time, a modern one that was never mentioned in Mecca or even related to it or its other different names in anyway. They were also very strict about the logo typeface to have a representative appearance symbolizing their religion and culture. Also, aside to the avoidance of using the color red and all its variants in any of the designs required for the identity

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