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vodafone - Children Online Awareness Video

The challenge...

The target was to create an animation video that goes under one of Vodafone’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approaches. The idea was to create an animated video, charging children with confidence and educating them how to fight cyber bullying and take actions against the issue. As well as, encouraging them to share information with their parents.

We’ve put our hearts and minds into this work as it matters to each and everyone of us on personal levels. I mean, don’t we all wish our kids to BE HEROES ?

The solution...

Creative Retionale...

In order to encourage the children to self-moderate themselves, we firstly made them believe in their capability in protecting themselves from any danger. Hence, this concept treats all children as super heroes who have different elements to use against different kinds of cyber bullying.
make it easier, we divided cyber dangers into four categories. Each category is color coded and associated with keywords that children get exposed to on the internet. Altogether under one main umbrella called ..

  • خليك بطل

Characters’ creation...

Character design aimed at young children, are typically designed around basic shapes and bright colors to look relatively like them and to easily deliver the message.
Story short, DO. MISSIONS.. BE. A. HERO.
the final video below, it will put a smile on your face :)



Character with mask

Illustration direction

The final video

A story telling series that include a step-by-step flow of actions for children to follow. In addition to a background voice over that creates the sense of belonging and friendliness.